3 Common Reasons Hagerstown Homeowners Replace their Roofs

when to replace a roof in Hagerstown

Is it time to replace your roof? The roof of your home is the first line of defense between you and the harsh Hagerstown weather. Your roof also plays a pivotal role in the value and curb appeal of your home. In this article, we will delve into the 3 top reasons why Hagerstown residents replace their roofs and why you should consider having your upcoming roof installed by Home Source Roofing. 

When to Replace a Roof in Hagerstown: 3 Common Reasons

Roof Replacement Reason 1: Storm-Damaged Roof

Depending on the time of year, the harsh weather in Hagerstown ranges from heavy winds to hail storms. Hagerstown homeowners often replace their roofing due to various types of storm damage that these natural conditions can cause such as dented roofing, broken and missing shingles, and a variety of water damage like rot, mold, and structural issues.

Roof Replacement Reason 2: An Old Roof 

Hagerstown homeowners will also replace their roofing because it is old and worn down. Over the years, lack of maintenance, issues from a poor installation or repair, and general wear and tear can contribute to your roofing becoming brittle and breaking down. Depending on the type of roof material that you have, your roof should last around 20 to 30 years in the Hagerstown area if it has been properly installed and well-maintained. If your roofing is nearing that timeframe and you’ve been noticing recurring issues, it may be time to schedule a professional roof inspection. 

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Roof Replacement Reason 3: Boosting Your Home’s Value 

Last, but not least, homeowners in Hagerstown will also replace their roofs to boost the value of their property. Replacing your roof is a huge investment, but it will elevate the value of your home and the cost will even out over time. If you decide to sell your home in the future, you can highlight a new roof as a major selling point to prospective buyers

A new roof will pique interest in the market because it shows that your home has been well taken care of and that potential buyers won’t have to invest as much time and money into fixing up the roof. Having a roof replacement installed will directly increase the value of your home and make your property more appealing. 

Home Source Roofing: Your Go-To Roofing Experts 

Home Source Roofing is proud to serve residents in Hagerstown with elite workmanship, superior customer service, and tailored roofing solutions. At Home Source Roofing, our team is dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and completing each project with unmatched attention to detail. Each customer and roof is unique and we are committed to giving each customer the information that they need to make the best decisions for their home. Call us today to learn more about the home improvement solutions that we provide in Hagerstown!


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